Young Surveyors

The aim of the Young Surveyors Group is to represent the interests of, and provide for the professional development of Young Surveyors in NSW.  Our goals are:

  • To represent the interests of Young Surveyors, and encourage ISNSW to act in the best interests of these members.
  • Employ an active role in the education and professional development of Young Surveyors.
  • To promote Surveying as a career to future school leavers.
  • To increase awareness of Surveying within the community.
  • To develop and maintain communications between Young Surveyors and other members of the profession.
  • To promote the benefits of membership of ISNSW to young surveyors.
  • To foster links with other related professional associations.
  • To foster a commitment by individuals, to the surveying profession, encouraging surveyors to improve the profession throughout their career.

Membership is open to members of The Institution of Surveyors, NSW Inc (ISNSW) under the age of 36, or members who have been a Registered Surveyor for less than five (5) years, persons enrolled as candidate surveyors with the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information, and student members of ISNSW who are enrolled in a course of studies at either a University or TAFE approved by ISNSW.

Past activities of the group have included welcome barbeques at the universities and TAFEs, free breakfast at the Australia Day Seminar, speed networking events held in conjunction with the SSSI Young Professionals and social get togethers. 

If you are interested in becoming a registered surveyor, you can find further information here

ISNSW run regular registration workshops in cooperation with BOSSI. You can find detailed information here

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