CPD Services

ISNSW requires members applying for or renewing annual membership to certify that they have met the CPD requirements set by the Institution for the period prior, in accordance with the ISNSW CPD Policy

ISNSW encourages members to attend organised events as a way of continuing their professional development and thereby obtaining the required CPD points, however members may also obtain the required points through other professional activities as outlined in the ISNSW CPD Policy.

Members have exclusive access to MyCPD, an online system that does away with paper CPD application forms, saving you and the staff at ISNSW valuable time. To access MyCPD you need to log in to surveyors.org.au. 

If you are an event organiser looking to have your event assesed for CPD points please use the following form:

ISNSW CPD Personal Assessment Submission Form (PDF)

If you are a non-member looking to satisfy your annual CPD points, we offer Personal Assessments for a fee. Please use the following form:

ISNSW CPD Group Event Assessment Submission Form(PDF)

Certificate of Attendance

The purpose of the Certificate of Attendance is when an ISNSW member goes to an event held by a non-surveyor organisation (eg. Chamber of Commerce) and that organisation is not familiar with the need for CPD points. The member can take this form ( link below) with them on the day of the event to have signed by the organiser or can send it to the organiser later to get signed.

The CPD assessors need the information to be able to verify that the person did go, the details of the event and specifically the hours of attendance. 


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