Why become a member of The Institution of Surveyors NSW?

  • To be part of a unified professional voice.
  • For status and recognition amongst ones peers, the community and other professions.
  • To join established professional networks.
  • To access Continuing Professional Development.
  • To participate in the continuing development of the profession.
  • Access to the monthly magazine "Azimuth" - By Surveyors for Surveyors. 

Are you eligible to become a member?

I am studying Surveying in New South Wales.

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I am an Australian Resident and a graduate surveyor.

Apply as a Graduate or Member

I have an accredited surveying qualification from Australia.

I have an accredited surveying qualification from Interstate or Overseas.

I have succesfully completed a Migration_Skills_Assessment with the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute.

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 Is membership relevant to my career as a Surveyor?

Membership of a professional organisation is a fundamental quality of a true professional.

The  Institution is the voice of the surveying profession, promoting  the benefits of surveying to society and raising community awareness of  the science, practice, status and study of surveying.

The Institution of Surveyors NSW Incorporated represents the interests of more than 1000 professional surveyors throughout New South Wales. The Institution pursues matters of interest to its members, as well as issues where the public would benefit from the Institution taking a proactive stance. This extends from direct liaison with Government on legislation through to advising other organisations on technical and professional matters, in addition to involvement with educational institutions on studies in surveying and spatial information. The Institution also actively promotes the profession, and issues relating to the profession, through the media.

Services to members include:

  • Access to statebased journal Azimuth.
  • Continuing professional development through congresses, seminars and publications.
  • Rapid access to information via e-mail.
  • Social functions and networking events through Regional Groups.
  • Professional recognition as a member of a learned Institution.
  • Publication and sale of technical material, including Hallmann's 'Legal Aspects of Boundary Surveying as Apply in NSW'.
  • The opportunity to showcase work through the NSW Excellence in Surveying & Spatial Information Awards.
  • Representation to government, the media and other organisations.
  • Practice support and dispute resolution.
  • Access to JP Services
  • Access to assistance through the Benevolent Association.
  • The development of constructive links with members of the  spatial information fraternity through the Surveying & Mapping  Industry Council of NSW.
  • Access to BoSSI Cadastral Workshops.
  • By involving yourself in the Institution, you can provide valuable insight from your particular perspective. One of  the strengths of the Institution is its regional Groups and its Young  Surveyors Group, who exchange ideas on a range of topical issues and provide feedback on matters of interest.

A strong Institution means that we can better represent surveyors' interests and provide greater value to our individual members.

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