ISNSW Governance

The Board

The Board is the governing body of The Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc. (ISNSW) with sixteen (16) Directors at present. It determines regulation and policy, sets strategic direction, and monitors the organisations financial performance. In liaison with the Executive Officer it also appoints staff.

Management of the organisation is the responsibility of the Executive Officer and staff, and The Board sets specific roles for it's Groups, and other committees.

The Board includes the roles of President and Past President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Other Directors represent each of the Groups, and four (4) members elected from the general membership.

The President is nominated for a two (2) year term from the general membership and serves as President-elect for a two year term prior to taking the role of Institution President. Following the term as President,the role provides support to the incoming President for a further two (2) years.

The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are elected from the general membership, generally for a one (1) year term.

Group representatives are elected by the individual Committees of the Groups.

The background to having two (2) elected members, originates from when the positions were historically elected for representation to The Institution of Surveyors Australia (ISA), by the NSW Division of ISA. 

Administration of ISNSW

ISNSW is administered by a full time staff of 3 being:

  • Executive Officer - Ms Amy Lowe
  • Membership Officer & CPD Coordinator - Mrs Maria Misquitta 
  • Administration Assistant - Sheila Balintongog 


Committees of ISNSW are delegated an extensive amount of work by the Committee, providing leadership and direction within the specific area of delegation, for consideration by the Committee. Such Committees include:-

  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Survey Practice and Legislation
  • Careers
  • Professional Fees
  • Membership
  • Azimuth
  • Website Development


The ISNSW Groups provide an established network of geographical and special interest representation for members across NSW, facilitating professional interaction and the delivery of Professional Development opportunities in specific interest and geographical areas.

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