Friends of the Lands Department

The April 2011 split up and merger of the former Department of Lands into three separate administrations, and the subsequent proposal to dispose of the Lands building as a Tourist Hotel, prompted the need to preserve the past heritage of the Lands Department from a less than sympathetic future. The Friends Group, an email group made up of surveyors [and others], has been formed with a particular interest in:

[a] the preservation of the heritage integrity of former Lands buildings, and, 

[b] the promotion of the historic role of the Surveyor General’s Office and the Lands Department in the exploration, settlement and cadastral underlay of property in NSW.

In November 2015, the Friends of the Land Department and the President of ISNSW, Michael Green, submitted the following letter and proposal to The Hon. Mark Speakman, MP, outlining the prospect of acknowledging the building's heritage in the refurbishment:

Letter_to_the_Minister_- Heritage_Theme_11_Nov_2015.pdf


Submission - Lands Building Idea is a "Win Win" for Everyone 16 May 2016.pdf

If you are interested in the Friends, or getting involved, please contact ISNSW by email and request to be included on the Friends e mail list so you can be updated on matters as they develop...

If you want to learn more about Lands heritage, visit the links below:

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