There are several avenues to becoming a Surveyor in New South Wales. 

High School Students

Degree qualifications may be gained via full time study at: 

Alternatively, you can obtain a degree by distance education via other institutions, including the University of Southern Queensland.

Diploma, Associate Diploma and Certificate qualifications may be gained via study through TAFE NSW.

Year 12 studies should include English, 3 Unit Mathematics and Physics. Background subjects such as Computer Studies, Environmental Studies or Law are encouraged.  

To become a registered surveyor in NSW, you must have a recognised university level degree in surveying. 

Other Avenues to a Career in Surveying

Students who have not achieved the necessary pre-requisites, or marks at Year 12 level to gain entry into a university course, have  alternative avenues they may pursue to attain entry into the degree of choice: 

  • Undertake a Diploma Course at TAFE or other approved institution. Upon completion, transfer to a university course, and gain exemptions in certain subjects.
  • Gain mature age entry (20 +) at the university of your choice. (Entry requirements vary)


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