What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a form of learning that helps an individual expand their knowledge, maintain up to date technical skills and progress their professional career. Participation in CPD activities can expand your professional networks and contacts. CPD is required to attain and maintain Land or Mining Registration.

A member shall endeavor to advance the science and practice of surveying and the objects of the Institution and shall continue his/her professional development throughout his/her career and encourage the development of his/her subordinate.

The Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc. recognises that it has a responsibility to promote and facilitate the advancement and updating of members' professional knowledge in order to meet the changing needs and expectations of the community.

CPD activities are designed to extend or update your knowledge, skill or judgement in your area(s) of practice, and enable you to:-

  • Maintain technical competence
  • Retain and enhance  effectiveness in the workplace
  • Be able to help, influence and lead others by example
  • Successfully deal with changes in your career
  • Better serve the community.


Through the implementation and maintenance of a Continuing Professional Development Policy, the Institution has set a number of objectives for members:-

  • To maintain professional service in surveying at the peak level of competence;
  • To encourage the sharing of ideas amongst surveyors in common fora;
  • To improve the quality of surveying services to the community;
  • To extend an individual’s professional knowledge;
  • To preserve and enhance the high standard of professional performance by surveyors throughout their career;
  • To increase an individual surveyor’s capabilities as a contribution to national development;
  • To encourage relevant Continuing Professional Development activities by employers of professional surveyors as part of their employees’ normal duties.

Types of CPD

CPD Activities have been classified into the following types:-

  1. Conferences, Congresses and Conventions
  2. Courses, Seminars, Workshops and Lectures
  3. Institution of Surveyors Regional Group Meetings and Discussion
  4. Development Activities
  5. Tertiary Courses
  6. Research and Writing of Technical Publications and Presentation of Technical Paper
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