Code of Ethics

Ethics are rules of conduct based on honesty, justice and courtesy.  They are central to appropriate standards of professional behaviour.  Members of the Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc. must comply with the following twelve components that constitute the Code of Ethics.

1. A member’s responsibility for the welfare and rights of the community shall always come before their responsibility to sectional or private interests or to other members.

2. A member shall act to merit community trust and promote the standards, the honour and the dignity of the profession and shall conform to the Institution’s decisions on matters of ethics and conduct.

3. A member shall act with fairness, honesty and in good faith towards all in the community, including clients, employers, and colleagues, and encourage their subordinates to do likewise.

4. A member shall only undertake professional responsibilities within their competence and shall encourage and develop risk-averse professional practices.

5.  A member shall endeavour to advance the science of spatial information, the practice of surveying and the objects of the Institution and shall continue their structured professional development throughout their career and encourage their subordinates to do likewise.

6. A member shall apply their competencies in the interest of their employer or client by:

a) acting as faithful agents or advisers, without compromising the welfare and rights of the community, and
b) complying with relevant legislation and regulation.

7. A member shall express opinions, make statements or give evidence with fairness and honesty, without prejudice or discrimination, and on the basis of adequate knowledge.

8. A member shall preserve the confidentiality of any information or documents in their possession and not use such information inappropriately. 

9. Where a member has any material, pecuniary or other interest that would lead to a reasonable apprehension that the member may be biased in the conduct of an aspect of their professional role, they

a) must disclose the facts and circumstances to the President of the Institution as soon as possible, and
b) must not participate in the conduct of that aspect unless the President of the Institution provides advice that he/she is satisfied that in all the circumstances, it is appropriate that the member should continue in the given aspect of their professional role.

10. A member shall take reasonable steps to take into consideration the social, cultural, heritage and environmental consequences of the projects in which they are involved.

11. A member shall exercise due diligence in the performance of their duties, including adherence to work health and safety obligations and responsibilities and ensure that workplaces are free from bullying and intimidatory behaviour.

12. A member shall build their reputation on merit and shall refrain from any form of unfair competition including:

a) using a professional designation to which they have no entitlement.
b) offering inducements to secure work or advancement.
c) seeking to supplant another professional who has been appointed.
d) neglecting to comply with provisions of rules or regulations governing the practice of surveying and the provision of spatial information.
e) accepting or providing a fee which would preclude them from supplying an adequate and appropriate professional service.
f) advertising in a fraudulent or misleading manner or in any other way not in the public interest. 


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