Co-op Associations

ISNSW recognises both the diversity of employment of its members and non members alike. In order to harness the opportunities this may offer to the profession, it maintains an open dialogue with both the private sector, through The Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW (ACS), and regionally based private sector surveyors through The Country Surveyors Association (CSA). The public sector is represented through the Association of Public Authority Surveyors, the NSW Staff Surveyors Association, and the Main Roads Surveyors Association. The mining sector is represented through the Australian Institute of Mine Surveyors (AIMS).

ISNSW has a working relationship with The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI).


Association of Public Authority Surveyors


The Association of Public Authority Surveyors (APAS) was formed in 1994 to cater for needs of professionals in the surveying and spatial information industries working within State and Local Government and the Education Sector.

APAS has a primary focus on the professional development of its members by:

  • Circulating matters of interest to members,
  • Providing forums for discussion
  • and Providing educational opportunities in the form of an Annual Conference and seminars.

The APAS calendar includes two annual events: The annual conference in the first half of the year, and the Government Surveyors Dinner in the second half of the year.

Reports of previous APAS Conferences

Janssen V. (2014) Grape Expectations: APAS 2014 conference, Azimuth 53(4), 22-26
Janssen V. (2013) Capitalising on our position: APAS 2013 conference, Azimuth, 52(4), 20-23
Janssen V. (2012) From ports to portals: APAS 2012 conference, Azimuth, 51(4), 29-32

As a co-operating association of the Institution of Surveyors NSW, and involvement with the Board of Surveyors and Spatial Information, APAS has a significant voice in the wider Surveying and Spatial Information communities.

APAS supports Universities and TAFEs by providing annual prizes for students, and sponsoring student presentations at the annual conference in the belief that the advancement and encouragement of students both to join and participate in the profession is fundamental to the Association. 

The APAS Office Bearers for 2018/19 are:

President – Thomas Grinter (DFSI Spatial Services)

Vice President – Jarad Cannings (Public Works)

Secretary – Geoff Lenton (Roads and Maritime Services)

Treasurer – Michael London (DFSI Spatial Services)

Committee – Michael Armstrong (Roads and Maritime Services), Michael Kocoski (Blue Mountains City Council), Peter Nilon (Sydney Trains)

Past President – Wayne Fenwick (Crown Lands)

Publications Officer – Dr Volker Janssen (DFSI Spatial Services)

Conference Manager – Nigel Petersen (Nambucca Shire Council)

ISNSW Representative – Jarad Cannings (Public Works)

Public Officer –   Geoff Lenton (Roads and Maritime Services)

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