The Institution of Surveyors NSW produces a monthly magazine eleven (11) times a year (excluding January) called "Azimuth".

The magazine contains articles about interesting members of the profession, news of recent events, professional news including relevant extracts from the NSW Government Gazette, and maintains a calendar of events; Space is allocated to commercially available advertising space and a classified section for the advertisement of professional services, positions vacant, a list of those looking for work and lists items for sale.

Current Edition

The current edition can be downloaded from within the secure members area, simply remember to login.

The cover artwork and table of contents is provided here.

Back Issues

Back issues are available for download for the previous two years. Only covers and title pages of issues published within the last 12 months are available to non-members. 

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2017 Azimuth

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Advertising in Azimuth

Azimuth magazine is produced "by Surveyors for Surveyors"; Institution volunteers develop and source content that is relevant, of general interest, and is of a contemporary or historical nature.

Azimuth contains important up to date information relating to the science of surveying and the profession from various bodies including the Institution, Government agencies, instrument manufacturers, and other technology providers.The magazine provides opportunities to directly advertise to a professional, specialist and niche market.

The Classifieds section allows members to advertise directly to all members and "beyond". Newspaper “Positions Vacant” advertising is only directed at those actively seeking work. All Surveyors see our ads.

The magazine is published eleven (11) times per year, February – December, providing adequate opportunity to make an impact, and for your advertising to be seen, without people becoming complacent due to over exposure.

Who reads Azimuth?

The Azimuth magazine is one for all involved in the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Professions. It is distributed to all members of The Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc. (IS NSW), and various Federal, State and Local Government Departments and Agencies.

Others involved in the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Professions including Hydrographic, Aerial, and Mining Surveyors, Geographic Information Systems professionals  and overseas and interstate individuals also subscribe to the magazine.

Equipment manufacturers and suppliers, also find the magazine a good resource for ensuring they remain engaged with the profession.

Who to contact?

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Editorial Manager

Amy Lowe

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