The Institution of Surveyors NSW Inc (ISNSW):

  • Represents land surveying, and engineering and mining surveying professionals in New South Wales.
  • Seeks to establish itself as an influential leading body, and to provide effective professional education.
  • Seeks to further create a positive public perception of surveying and surveyors, and to provide effective relevant leadership to participating members.
  • Accredits university courses in surveying, by examining those courses to determine their relevance to the profession and the community, comparing content, and reporting on strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • ISNSW has a Trans-Tasman Collaborative Agreement with the Institution of Surveyors, Victoria and the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors.
  • Is a proud Associate member of Professions Australia.
  • Is a public company limited by guarantee in New South Wales.
  • Began as an Association, originating from a suggestion made at a picnic.
  • Membership is available to members of the profession in a variety of categories.
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